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A Plant-Based Wimbledon

Posted on: Jul 12, 2017

It’s that time of year again when people are grabbing their tents and camping out in the queues for Wimbledon Tennis, the deck chairs, bean bags and fake grass have been placed in front of the big screens all around London, the all-white outfits are finally being worn. Wimbledon Tennis 2017 has finally arrived.

Veganism, allergies and vegetarianism is sometimes looked at as a ‘weakness’ or a ‘fad’, and I bet you’re wondering what this has to do with Wimbledon Tennis, right? Continue reading as we’re going to give you a few role models who will reject this stereotype.

Novak Djokovic – 4th in singles ranking and guess what? He’s vegan! In 2010, he became aware he was intolerant to Gluten – which was causing him to have mid match collapses. So, something had to be done. He said having a plant-based diet was the most successful lifestyle to him on and off the court, making him feel more alert and aware of his movements. It proved itself correct by landing Djokovic to No 1 in 2011.

Monte Carlo is home to his very own vegan restaurant ‘Eqvita’, he wants to share his preferred way of living with like minded people, to prove nature heightens your strength and abilities.


Serena Williams – no 1 in singles on 8 separate occasions, ranked no 1 in the World in 2002. Nut allergy for Serena! Nut allergies are becoming a lot more catered for which is extremely important as it allows people with nut allergies to still indulge on foods everyone else is without worrying! Serena Williams must opt out of the standard peanut snacking to fuel her intense tennis match, which has clearly proven to cause no trouble for her tennis career!

Speaking of an intense pre-workout snack, what else to snack on other than Creative Nature’s new high protein range of snack bars – nut free AND vegan.





Peter Burwash – 40 years of tennis excellence, 45 years of vegetarianism. Founder of Peter Burwash International, the largest tennis management company in the world. Famously known for coaching Venus and Serena Williams, Sebastian Lareau and Andrew Sznajder. Former Canadian no.1 and played internationally from 1967-1974 once retired then went on to coach the skills he excelled in as the path hadn’t ended for him yet. Not only did Burwash coach tennis but he is coaching the public through his multiple books on vegetarianism. He once said, “You will notice that someone who truly understands vegetarianism will have a sense of humility about them because they will have respect for all life.”

So, there we go – a plant based diet has made these tennis stars excel to their full potential in their career. As the months go by with the vegan, vegetarian and allergy community growing, or just merely becoming more known, stories like these need to be given the limelight. This is motivation. This is an excuse to not give excuses!

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