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Different Uses for Gluten Free Baking Mixes

Posted on: Sep 15, 2016

bread-1282664_1920Today, in supermarkets, you can purchase an array of gluten-free baking mixes — for cookies, for cakes, for breads — pretty much anything that you can bake under the sun.

However, Creative Nature Superfoods has several gluten free baking mixes, and we are excited to share other ways that users have tried our baking mixes!

Different baked products need different gluten-free baking mixes. This is just like the fact that different baked goods are incredible with different flours. As much as countless all-purpose mixes exist, you should advantage of the huge variety of gluten-free flours available in order to come up with baked products that are surely at their best.

Here are some of the different uses for gluten free baking mixes:

#1: Gluten-Free Bread

When creating gluten-free bread, you look for a texture that’s going to stand up to the sandwich fillings. However, it should not be tough or hard. Lack of gluten simply means that the flour isn’t adequate to provide proper texture. Therefore, a combination of eggs, yeast, and Xanthan gum is used frequently in gluten-free breads in order to obtain a texture that is structured and airy.

#2: Gluten-Free Cookie

Who isn’t into a good cookie? A chewy chocolate chip, rich, light, and buttery sugar cookie — anything is game with a gluten-free cookie. The good thing is the fact that you can even swap out your oat flour for real time cooking rolled outs. You’ll need one cup of sugar, one egg, one cup of butter.

#3: Gluten-Free Fondant

Fondants are the ideal recipes that you can create with gluten-free baking mix. Since the cakes need to be tender rather than chewy, gluten present in wheat flours can be a hindrance to getting the best texture. However, with gluten-free flour mix, the problem is solved.

Creative Nature’s gluten free baking mixes can be handy in different ways. The above are just some of the ways!

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