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Five ways to keep your free-from kids occupied over the summer – when it comes to food:

Posted on: Jul 16, 2019

Many parents, grandparents and guardians take a deep breath as the summer holidays approach.

They all know that at some point, children will get bored and restless and more so if the UK weather is poor and the rain make it impossible to get out and about.

Food and cooking is an opportunity – especially if your child has food allergies – to indulge in fun activities with an educational element that they won’t necessarily notice.

Luckily, all of our Creative Nature products are safe for all children, healthy and vegan friendly.

Here are five simple suggestions around food for the holidays:

  1. Get your child involved in meal planning and set aside some time (Saturday or Sunday afternoon) to get stuck in and try to plan say three meals for the next week. This helps if you’ve got a busy week ahead and helps them make some independent decisions around food. Let them get their hands dirty, make a mess – and then help you clean up. Believe me, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief on the Monday when the hard work is already done. Here’s just one suggestion from the Creative Nature kitchen:

  1. Look at leftovers – we are appalling at wasting food. So look at what leftovers you have got (possibly in your meal planning session) and use them up. Can you make soup? a simple pasta dish? use our banana bread baking mix? Or let your child make a totally random dish named after them?

Check out our Banana Bread here!

  1. Salads are your friend. Salads are great in hot weather – I’d suggest creating a ‘pick n mix’ scenario where you can all eat what you want with some core foods on everyone’s plates. Pick n mix suggestions include eg. grated cheese, spring onions, boiled eggs or new potatoes. This attitude to a meal is more exciting for children and can also be used for BBQs as well.


Why not try out our Shelled Hemp Seeds for a yummy vegan salad topping?


  1. Get your child to make ‘cool’ food – it’s simple for a child to make their own ice pops or ice lollies, using moulds which are easily available from supermarkets. This is an easily achievable food goal even for a toddler (with help) and saves money too. You can also have a degree of control over the amount of sugar by considering how much – and what type – of juice or squash to use for flavouring.


  1. Make muffins! – allow your child to bake cakes in a way that’s easy for them yet also produces something which is delicious and healthy. With supervision even young children can succeed and develop a love of good food, use the preparation to explain the differences between good ingredients and unhealthy ingredients. Try our delicious baking mixes for this – we have a brownie mix, two muffin mixes (chia & mulberry, chocolate chip) and banana bread. You can find out more about them here
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