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Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday – it’s a whole week of discounts here at Creative Nature!!

Posted on: Nov 22, 2019

Black Friday is just a week away – are you gearing up to shop manically for bargains on Black Friday ready for Christmas or are you planning your strategy for online shopping on Cyber Monday?


This year Black Friday is on 29th November with Cyber Monday following on on 2nd December, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.


At Creative Nature, we are doing something a little different. We are offering 20% off our products  for the week covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday – November 27 through to midnight on Tuesday December 3.


This is a perfect time to stock up your own larder, or buy presents for family and friends who you know would benefit from having access to healthy products that are allergy safe, nut safe, gluten, dairy and wheat free. They are also suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or in fact anyone who enjoys delicious, nutritious snacks with a lower sugar content. Do check out our Christmas bundles in particular.


What is Black Friday, and when did it start?


The term ‘Black Friday’ originally had nothing to do with sales. It was linked to a financial crisis, which took place on a Friday in September 1869. This is when the US gold market crashed and left Wall Street barons bankrupt.


It was not until the 1950s the term was first linked with the post-Thanksgiving period. Police officers in Philadelphia used the expression when they had to deal with the chaos, traffic jams and shoplifting opportunities associated with the large crowds and numbers of tourists and shoppers who poured into the city the day after Thanksgiving.


This was their ‘Black Friday’, as unlike everyone else, they had to work long shifts to control the ensuing havoc. Now in the UK, police officers often refer to the weekends in the run-up to weekends as Black Fridays or Black Saturdays!


By the late 80s, the term was commonly used by USA retailers, linked to their post-Thanksgiving sales. The celebration of Thanksgiving always falls on the last Thursday in November, and the following day is an unofficial holiday.


Because so many Americans were off work, the shops and stores decided to drop prices for one day, giving people the opportunity to start shopping for the Christmas season.


Cyber Monday then followed in the USA in 2005, after one of the American trade organisations noticed a growth in online sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving.


Between 2010 and 2013 the trend was taken up in the UK and has continued to grow ever since. Last year during Black Friday weekend, UK shoppers spent a reported £1.23billion.


Originally, on Black Friday money was spent in high street shops, and in the case of Cyber Monday, the spend was online, with a differentiation between the two types of sales; Black Friday was more about tech products, and Cyber Monday was more about lifestyle products.


However, Black Friday is now as much about shopping online as Cyber Monday, therefore the two events are often branded as Black Friday weekend.


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