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How Healthy Is The Obsession ‘Eating Clean’?

Posted on: Aug 30, 2015

Creative Nature Superfoods
As a Nutritionist practicing on Harley Street I have spent years learning about the human body – what it needs to grow and perform to be the best it can be. It must be said that there are plenty of genuine fitness experts providing educated advice but the girls addicted to daily selfies sweep many of the good guys under the radar.
When I was in my teens, I was striving for the image of perfection but it doesn’t exist and my nutrition career saved me. Understanding amongst others immunology, pathophysiology, biochemistry really made me realise the importance of health and the value that it has on the rest of our lives.
It can be a bit disheartening when I see so many people claiming to be nutritionists or health coaches without the extensive training behind them advising extremely unbalanced nutrition. I suppose I am here to pick up the pieces and do what I can to help those who have veered onto the wrong path and damaged their bodies. I help ensure they understand what needs to happen for them to correct mistakes and regain a strong and healthy relationship with both food and exercise.
I am not saying Eating Clean is a bad thing, quite the opposite, it can be wonderful and I highly recommend ditching all processed foods in your diet. Fortifying your diet with superfoods like the ones Creative Nature provide and cooking with Coconut Oil is a must. The problem is its association with the ‘perfect slim body selfie’ and the ‘perfectly pictured plates’, after all not everyone has time to decorate their food with flowers.
Creative Nature Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert from rhitrition
I am using this blog to implore you to seek professional dietary and fitness advice, not just the advice of young girls and guys who preach what they may have read on the internet and works for them. Your body is unique and requires in depth analysis and tailored nutrition.
I am ALWAYS happy to help with any nutritional queries so drop me an email



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