Creative Nature

sources the highest quality products from around the world, opting for premium, nutrient-rich ingredients rather than cheaper, less beneficial alternatives. We import our products by sea freight to keep our carbon footprint at a minimum.

Superfood Royalty from Hawaii

Our cultures in Hawaii represent the oldest continuously cultivated and harvested Spirulina in the world and been extensively analyzed by molecular biologists at the University of Hawaii who identified unique enzymes not previously found in other strains of Spirulina platensis. Hawaiian Spirulina is grown using fresh deep ocean water, rich in calcium magnesium and trace minerals and is known for extremely low levels of lead and other heavy metals. Creative Nature’s Hawaiian Spirulina contains important enzymes not found in other Spirulina brands. The quality controls and intense hygiene procedures during growing and processing ensure ours is the purest Spirulina in the world, far better than Chinese, Japanese or other varieties.

Hidden Himalayan Gems

Apricot Kernels are hugely controversial, with many companies wrongly advertising that theirs are an ‘all-in-one cure’. Creative Nature hand picks only the smallest, bitterest kernels, renowned for their laetrile content, from the base of the Himalayan Mountains.
Hand-mined from ancient salt caves deep in the Himalayas, Creative Nature’s Pink Crystal Salt was formed in primal oceans millions of years ago and contains every element found in the human body.

Organic New Zealand Barley Grass

We only source our Organic Barley Grass from the Canterbury region in New Zealand, widely recognised for producing the highest quality Barley Grass in the world. The young, fresh shoots are harvested at peak potency and freeze dried, to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients are retained in the powder.

‘The Chinese Wonder Fruit’

Creative Nature brings you the sweetest, moistest Goji Berries from the Ningxia region in China, the birthplace of the Goji Legend. Are Organic Goji Berries a myth? We ensure that our Goji Berries contain under 10ppm sulphur dioxide and are packed with Vitamin C, meaning they are better for your bodies than others in the market. Click here to read about ‘organic’

‘Food of the Gods’

With many techniques and variety of bean used to create the nib and powdered forms of Cacao, there is a huge range in quality available. Creative Nature ensures that our Cacao products are ‘raw’ (never heated above 45 degrees Celcius) and are created from the Criollo bean, known for its premium flavour.

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