Crazy Carrot Cake Raw Fruit Oatie x 20

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Gluten-Dairy-Wheat-Nut Safe

Raw Carrot Cake Oatie

  • 1 box £25.80 (£1.29p per bar)

“I never got to eat Carrot Cake as a child as all the cafes and restaurants have cakes filled with various nuts. When it came to creating a new bar that everyone would enjoy, the team was really excited about making a free-from Carrot Cake bar that even I could enjoy and not worry about my allergies! I have to say, it’s one of my favourites from the range now!” Julianne, founder x

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


This Creative Nature Crazy Carrot Cake Raw Fruit Oaties are the ultimate allergy-friendly snack bars. How are they so epic? They’re free-from the TOP 14 Allergens! Yes, you heard that right. A carrot cake bar that anyone suffering with allergies can enjoy!

We wanted to make sure those that have allergies or intolerance can try out the classic flavour combination of a carrot cake without having to worry about the ingredients. Especially as so many Carrot Cakes out there in cafes and in stores have various nuts in them, we made it our goal to get a bar that tastes just like the original thing, but better!

Whether you want to treat yourself to a mid-day pick me up with a cuppa or a delicious dessert, these Creative Nature Crazy Carrot Cake Raw Fruit Oaties have you covered! Especially great for the autumnal season or packed school lunches! With no syrups, agave, artificial sweeteners or sugar, it’s the best Carrot Cake Snack out there!

Ingredients: Dates, sultanas, flaxseed, apricot, gluten free oats (8.3%), chicory fibre, carrot (3.6%), pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, natural flavouring. 

Per 100g

Per 38g bar







Of which: saturates






Of which: sugars*



Dietary Fibre







 0.1mg  0.03mg

*naturally occurring sugars

Allergen info:

For allergens, see ingredients in bold

A little bird told me that everyone deserves a little taste adventure now and then. So everything we make is always Top 14 allergen-safe. That’s why this cinnamon and sultana carrot cake bar is delicious without doubt.

  • Peel back the wrapper and immerse yourself in the luxurious taste of a Carrot Cake!
  • Eat on the go, or enjoy at your leisure with a warm drink
  • Perfect size for a cycling jersey or gym bag
  • Head to the top of a mountain and enjoy whilst taking in the stunning view

If you want a bit more inspiration of where you can take your bars to and when to enjoy them- make sure to check out our Instagram page to see some amazing photos by our customers and bloggers. If you take some beautiful photos yourself and would like to see it featured on our Instagram, please email with your images!

Important! – Although we are absolutely in LOVE with our new packaging designs (and hope you are too!), we want to ensure we are not wasting any products or packaging throughout our rebrand process. You may receive our original style packaging in your order for now, but the product inside will still be delicious without doubt!


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