Protein Pack


The Protein Pack


It can be so difficult to find protein products that aren’t packed full of common allergens like tree-nuts, peanuts, and whey.

That’s why I created my own and made sure they were all delicious! I hope you enjoy.

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


Need more protein, but don’t want whey? This Creative Nature Protein Snacks Pack is perfect for you! A no dairy, no nonsense, protein bundle.

It can be tough finding protein snacks and supplements that don’t contain dairy or have an ingredients list that is barely readable! So we’ve made it simple for you by putting all our protein-heavy product in one cost saving pack. This Creative Nature Protein Pack ensures you have a convenient way of stocking up on some great protein-filled products to fuel you after your intense sessions at the gym!

This Creative Nature Protein Pack includes:

All of the products in this bundle are free from gluten, dairy, wheat, refined sugar and sweeteners

They are all certified with The Vegan Society and The Vegetarian Society.


Customer notice – We are doing a soft launch of phasing in our new packaging for our superfood tubs, as we want to keep wastage to a minimum and help the environment. You may receive new packaging or old packaging but rest assured the product inside is all the same.


The bars are a perfect post-workout snack, to enjoyed wherever you want! Simply open up the pack, bite in and enjoy!

The Chia and Hemp Protein can be added to smoothies, protein shakes, home baking, muesli, porridge and cereals!

If you want a bit more inspiration – make sure to check out our Instagram page to see some amazing recipe ideas created by our customers and bloggers. You can also visit our Recipes section of our website to get some recipes to try out!

If you create something incredible and would like to see it featured on our Instagram, please email with your recipe and some images of the finished product. Please take a few pics with our products in too!

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