Super Salted Caramel Protein Crunch Bar x 16

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Gluten-Dairy-Wheat-Nut Safe

Super Salted Caramel Protein Crunch Bar

  • 1 box £20.80 (£1.30 per 40g bar)

“This is my new favourite bar! The flavour is so intense and the texture is smooth and squishy with a beautiful crisp crunch from the protein crispies. I’d love to hear from you how you get on, because I absolutely love it!” Julianne, owner x

Julianne Ponan - CEO

The Juicy Details


This Creative Nature Super Salted Caramel High Protein Crunch Bar will completely change the way you see Salted Caramel Snacks! It’s the tastiest protein bar we’ve ever eaten, has no nuts in and is suitable for vegans, it’s crazy how good this tastes! Stop forcing yourself to eat the same old protein snacks packed with additives, sweeteners, nuts, whey or worse! Add a bit of joy to your gym session with something that tastes good, does good and has over 20% protein per bar, which will keep you fuller for longer but will also aid in muscle recovery when consumed after a workout!


Dates, Protein Blend (Pea, Rice, Pea Nuggets), Chicory Fibre, Rapeseed Oil, Vegetable Glycerine, Gluten Free Oats, Pumpkin Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Sunflower Seeds, Chia Seeds, Brown Linseeds, Pink Himalayan Salt

Nutritional Information Per 100g Per 40g Bar
Energy (kcal) 346 138
Energy (KJ) 1455 582
Fat 9.9 3.9
Of which: saturates 1.0 0.4
Carbohydrates 43.1 17.3
Of which: sugars* 31.0 12.4
Dietary Fibre 12.0 4.8
Protein 17.9 7.2
Salt 0.3 0.1

A little bird told me that everyone deserves a little taste adventure now and then. So everything we make is always Top 14 allergen-safe. That’s why this smooooooooth salted caramel protein bar is delicious without doubt.

  • Peel back the wrapper and enjoy the perfect Salted Caramel dessert bar
  • Eat on the go, or enjoy at your leisure with a warm drink
  • Perfect size for a cycling jersey or gym bag
  • Head to the top of a mountain and enjoy whilst taking in the stunning view

If you want a bit more inspiration of where you can take your bars to and when to enjoy them- make sure to check out our Instagram page to see some amazing photos by our customers and bloggers. If you take some beautiful photos yourself and would like to see it featured on our Instagram, please email with your images!

1 review for Super Salted Caramel Protein Crunch Bar x 16

  1. Richard Napier

    Love these; nutritionally great but also taste amazing.

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