Chia Parfait with Maca and Cacao

by: Charlotte Young

Chia Parfait with Maca and Cacao


1/4 cup chia seeds
1/2 ltr unsweetened nut milk (your personal fave.. I used unsweetened almond)
1 tbsp Creative Nature cacao powder
1 tbsp Creative Nature maca powder
2 tbsp agave/sweet freedom/maple
0.5 tsp vanilla (I use Dr oetker vanilla grinder. I really want some vanilla bean powder but can’t afford any)


Give it all a really good mix together. Leave overnight. Or for a few hours. shake it all up every so often.

To make up the parfait…

Layer 2 sliced fig’s at the bottom
Layer chia pud
Layer strawbs
Top with puffed brown rice (I get kallo organic)
Handfull of Creative Nature Goji Berries
And chopped macadamia nuts.

That’s a whole lotta superfoods in 1 powerhouse meal 🙂

If you wanted to make your own caramel too it’s good. Just blendish 5 de-stoned medjool dates with a teeny bit of water (enough to get the blender going) and add a dollop on top.

There you go. ENJOY! It’s my new fave brekkie.

Gluten, dairy & refined sugar free. And vegan happy.

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