Nacho 'Cheese'

by: VeganSweetP @vegansweetp

Nacho 'Cheese'

Doesn’t this Nacho ‘Cheese’ recipe by @vegansweetp look AMAZING!

You’ll need the following for this recipe:

1 carrot – peeled, chopped and boiled

3 baby potatoes – peeled, chopped and boiled

1 whole red pepper, roasted

1 tbsp lemon juice

1/2 cup approx. nutritional yeast

2tbsp ‘Free and easy dairy free cheese flavour sauce mix’

1-2tsp garlic powder (to taste)

1tbsp hemp seeds

Rice milk for desired consistency

Salt to taste


1. Cut red pepper into chunks and roast in oven until it starts to char on edges slightly

2. Meanwhile prepare potatoes and carrots and boil until soft

3. Place carrots, potatoes and red pepper into blender along with all other ingredients

4. Blend on high until smooth

5. Re-heat cheesy sauce if necessary

6. Dip and enjoy

(for nachos I just cut up wholewheat tortillas into 8ths and baked in oven until crispy)

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