First look at Creative Nature

1st August 2011

Julianne has a look at Creative Nature, sees a sinking ship in heavy losses. Creative Nature currently selling so many different products like candles, incense, Buddha statues, salt lamps and some superfoods.  She looks into

First Exhibition

2nd October 2011

Julianne heads up first Exhibition show  at CamExpo with colleague Matt, both having no experience with a trade show. (Not the greatest stand with a small budget)!

Julianne buys Creative Nature

3rd April 2012

At 22 Julianne takes the risk buys Creative Nature, becomes CEO and starts her Journey righting a sinking Ship! First thing she does is bring on Matthew Ford  full time as an Operations Manager. The

Stabilise the brand

4th May 2012

Time  to stabilise the brand! Julianne and Matt start revamping the range to have a focus on Superfood and Free From products, cutting out numerous lines! All Labelling and certifications need to be redone as

Start formulating Superfood Snack Bars

5th June 2012

Julianne has suffered severely from all Nut Allergies, additives and many others her whole life. She see’s all the so called ‘Healthy snacks’ all contain some sort of Nuts or seeds. So Julianne and Matthew

Hampton Court Foodies Festival!

6th July 2012

Launch of 50g bar

7th September 2012

Launch of Larger 50g Superfood Bars at Camexpo Exhibition! Much better than the year before!

Developing the Taste

8th January 2013

Developing the taste of our brand. Lots of Guinea Pig testing from our friends, family, random people!

Designing the bar range

9th April 2013

Designing the bar range! Lots of Ideas and finally some finished designs. Both Julianne and Matthew did not want to use a design agency so made sure the design concepts were theirs!

38g Bars are born

10th June 2013

11 After 12 months of formulating and releasing one lot of larger size superfood bars. The 4 38g Superfood bars were born, Heavenly Cacao, Blissful Berry, Sublime Seed and the Love it or Hate it

Pitch to Holland&Barrett

11th July 2013

Only one month after manufacturing, Julianne and Matthew head for the Big boys and pitch to Holland and Barrett

List in Holland&Barrett

12th August 2013

Listed in Holland and Barrett for not just 2 but all 4 of the NEW superfood Bars in 300 stores!!

Showcase new bars at Lunch

13th September 2013

Showcase new bars at Lunch! in London. Gain great interest and comments from buyers. Win an Innovation Award for them and also get listed in Giraffe Stop!

Creative Nature is stabilised

14th December 2013

Creative Nature is stabilised and not in a loss for the year! What an accomplishment yay! Now its time for Julianne and Matt to grow the brand and the Super food team! Julianne and Matt

Investment unsuccessful!

15th February 2014

Investment unsuccessful! Julianne and Matt still push on. All or nothing time! First plan is a complete revamp of the product packaging, out with the tired old labels and in with something a lot more

New Labels

16th March 2014

Again, without the help of a branding agency as we wanted complete control over the designs, the new labels are coming along…slowly! Never going to get these ready in time for NOPE!

New packaging launch

17th April 2014

Prepare for the last roll of the dice with a massive new packaging launch at Natural Organic Products Europe at Earls Court. Loads of buyers, loads of excitement, loads of positive comments on the new

Ideal Home Show

23rd April 2014

We go to Ideal Home Show Christmas for people to try our delicious Super foods!

Call from Tesco

18th May 2014

Call from Tesco buyer wanting to list 5 superfoods and all 4 bars in a 2 month event in all Tesco Extra stores…in 1 month’s time!! After a mild heart attack and much jumping and

Winning Awards

19th May 2014

Julianne is the Regional Winner of the FSB and WorldPay Awards for Young Entrepreneur of the Year!


20th May 2014

Win 3 Commended awards at the FreeFrom Awards; Blissful Berry and Heavenly Cacao in the Food-to-go category and Maca Powder in the Raw & Superfoods category (the first single ingredient superfood to ever win!)

A lot of labeling

21st May 2014

Night, day and weekends are spent over-labelling more than 20,000 superfood tubes for Tesco, whilst also running Creative Nature and keeping existing customers and wholesalers happy. We enlisted friends, family and family’s partners to help

Products Ready!

22nd July 2014

All products ready, 10 pallets wrapped, no forklift to get them on the delivery lorry! Matt pulls 10 x 800kg pallets half a mile down the road to one of the larger companies on our

Tesco Lifestyle Food Fair Event

23rd July 2014

Time to launch in the Tesco Lifestyle Food Fair Event… but they don’t have enough staff to stack their shelves in time! Tesco ask Creative Nature to send a few of our staff (still only

Lifestyle Food Fair event at Tesco!

24th July 2014

Women’s 1st Shine Awards

25th September 2014

Julianne is the youngest finalist in the Women’s 1st Shine Awards for Young Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Matt Dawson.

We become Tesco Suppliers

26th October 2014

Out of the 40 new companies showcased at the Tesco event, only 5 companies were asked to become suppliers. Creative Nature is one of them! Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs roll out to 240 physical

Launches in Ocado

27th October 2014

Creative Nature launches into Ocado! Complete range launches into the online supermarket

Great Taste Awards

28th October 2014

Yay! We are the only company to win 2 Gold Stars in the prestigious Great Taste Awards!

Successful Show at Vegfest!

29th October 2014

More Awards!

30th November 2014

Julianne wins 3 awards at the FSB Surrey Business Awards for Young Person in Business, Real Life Entrepreneur and Overall Winner! Creative Nature is also named Runner up in the Green Award category!

Keynote speaker

1st December 2014

Julianne asked to be a main Keynote Speaker at The National Business Show alongside entrepreneurs such as James Caan, Richard Reed, Eric Ho, and Brad Burton!


17th December 2014

Julianne wins National Natwest Everywoman Artemis Award for Women Entrepreneurs!

Creative Natures going Global!

1st February 2015

Biofach Germany Launch! Creative Natures going Global!

Houses of Parliament!

1st March 2015

Julianne Invited to speak at the Houses of Parliament!

First TV Advert goes live AHHH!!!

10th April 2015

National Chamber Awards 2014

30th June 2015

Creative Nature is a Regional Winner in the National Chamber Awards 2014