What are superfoods?

creative-nature-what-are-superfoods-image-1With a lot of media hype and controversial claims and statements being made by companies, it’s important to understand what superfoods are and why they stand out from other foods.

Please note that no company should be making any medicinal claims for their products unless the claim is backed up by documented, scientific research and they can readily provide this research to you when you ask for it. At Creative Nature, we make no claims that our products can cure diseases, heal ailments or perform miracles, we simply say why it is important to include our products in your diets, due to their nutritional makeup. We also include testimonials from very happy customers who have reaped the rewards of choosing Creative Nature products over other super food companies (all testimonials are word of mouth and have no scientific backing)

Will superfoods give me superpowers?

No, unfortunately.

Will they improve my health?

Yes, if used in a healthy balanced diet, alongside a healthy active lifestyle.

So what exactly are superfoods then?

Exactly that! Foods that are super in some way. Foods that have a higher level of nutritionally beneficial components than other foods. They don’t have to be weird and wonderful, from the remotest parts of the world, used only in traditional medicines. They can just be food, readily available from your local shops.


The great thing about Creative Nature is we actually want to help you improve your diets, feel happier about yourselves and live to your full potential. This is why we won’t tell you to only eat our products because it’s essential to have a balanced diet that offers nutrients from a variety of sources.

The only thing we want to stress is the importance of quality over price. There is no point buying cheaper products if you have to buy more of them in the long run! It is far better to focus on the quality of food you put into your bodies, so that you can really feel the benefits, which is why Creative Nature only sell the highest quality, ethically sourced products.

Please look through our Vitamins and Minerals table to see what makes our products super and to see other super foods that we include in our diets and think you should too!