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Which Super-Party are you?

Posted on: Jun 7, 2017

With the general elections coming up, we should all take some time out of our busy days to see what party suits us best. If you’re interested in what parties our superfoods are voting for, get those glasses out and carry on reading!


Spirulina has decided to represent The Conservative Party, to tell you how you can make your future strong and stable by mixing spirulina into your daily life by sprinkling over salad or use in salad dressing, with fruit juice or in smoothies, raw home cooking or the hardcore way… as a shot with water. How does Spirulina ensure a strong future? Well, funny you should ask that, it happens to be the best vegan form of protein in the world! Move over Popeye we can top your strength, Spirulina contains higher iron content than spinach. Will you choose Spirulina?



Goji Goodness is running for Labour. Our Goji Bars are ‘for the many not the few’ catering for the vegans, to all of you with allergies and those who say no to added sugar! Goji’s are with you! They are made for you, but we don’t discriminate, we participate – we want everyone involved, feel welcome to give me a try and let your life burst with flavour. Will you choose Goji Goodness?



Maca powder is rooting for Lib Dems. Changing yours and Britain’s future just by popping this small but mighty root powder into a morning smoothie to keep you feeling energised and vibrant. This mighty root vegetable fights and battles extreme conditions high up in the Andean Mountains, but let’s focus on politics in the UK for now. Will you choose Maca Powder?



A Chia change is on the cards for UKIP. Fuel your active lifestyle just as the Aztecs and Mayans used to and feel your traditional roots float back. Here are some ways you can incorporate me into the average daily life: Sprinkle over porridge, muesli, granola or other cereals, blend into smoothies, soak in water/juice for an interesting ‘slimy’ experience! Will you choose UKIP?




Of course, Hemp Protein resides with The Green Party. This hearty hemp seed giant of the protein world is harvested from one of the most versatile plants on earth. Standing up for what matters. This is our 100% natural and raw Green (Hemp Protein) Guarantee to you. ‘We will fight for equality, and for a society where nobody is left behind.’ Hemp Protein is one to be enjoyed by all; vegans, athletes or those simply choosing a healthy lifestyle. Will you choose The Green Party?  

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